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Many health disorders have excessive actions of omega-6 eicosanoids formed from the body's omega-6 essential fats which can be decreased competitively by dietary omega-3 fats.

This concept helps interpret the 10-fold range of cardiovascular health differences among Greenland, Japanese, Mediterranean, and American populations, and it gives a clear indication of the impact of lipid nutrition on human health. The concept provides a systematic preventive nutrition approach to cut excessive omega-6 eicosanoid signaling in a way that contrasts with the billions of dollars spent to develop and market new pharmaceutical agents that also cut excessive omega-6 eicosanoid signaling.

It is a special privilege to be able to recognize molecular processes that maintain our health and our lives and to see how the foods we eat can balance those processes. The Japan Society for Lipid Nutrition gives valuable help by encouraging the development of new knowledge of lipids and the dissemination to students and the broader society the knowledge already known.

All people need deeper understanding of how lipid nutrition contributes essential components for body structure and function in addition to energy for daily activity. From such understanding, each of us can then choose foods that will balance their energy intake with daily activity and balance their omega-6 fats with omega-3 fats.

Each nation has historic nutrition habits that need careful review to enhance the good ones and avoid the harmful ones. People need understanding that associated risk factors may be markers of a disorder but not causal mediators of the disorder. The Japan Society for Lipid Nutrition is a scientific forum at which past confusions about associative phenomena can be examined in terms of carefully interpreted causal mechanisms, and new nutritional approaches to health can be developed. From this forum, the whole world can gain better understanding of its choices for better health.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; NIAAA
Senior Scientific Advisor
Dr. William.E.M. Lands